We have recently shot and edited a short promotional video to showcase a typical day in our creative studio, based in Plymouth, Devon while working over various projects ranging from web design to digital marketing to branding.

You can watch the video below:

No day is ever the same here at Konstruct HQ and we work in a fast paced environment, often working with numerous different clients at any one time. Our days get filled with a huge range of tasks over a number of different creative disciplines, whether this is a branding or web design project, or a brochure design. We also work with clients on ongoing digital marketing services.

Client meetings are important for us and form a key part in any design project. We like to involve our clients in the creative process as much as possible and work in collaboration with them. This way, we forge much stronger relationships and get to know not only the client, but their business much better than if we work in isolation and that, for us, is where the real value can be found.

In the initial stages of projects, you will find us locked away working on idea generation tasks and initial concept development. It is at this point we work on paper, sketching and developing initial concepts to see if they have potential to be developed into strong solutions.

Once we are happy with the concepts, have presented them to the client and we are all in agreement that they answer the brief, we will take the ideas onto the computer and further develop them, this is the same whether it be a branding or web design project. Once these concepts have been developed further and again discussed with the client, informing them of decisions taken and why, the final concept will be taken into production.

The video is designed to give an overview of a typical day in the studio and capture a range of projects at various stages. We intentionally kept the video short. At just over one minute in length, including the custom title sequence, it is short, easy to watch and to-the-point. We look forward to producing more videos in the coming months not only for ourselves, but also for our clients as part of our digital marketing content creation services.

For more information on any of our services, or if you would like to discuss a particular project or idea, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat.

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