At the start of 2016, we were approached by Prudence Gowns, a leading wedding dress retailer in the South West to craft a simple, yet striking website that would help develop the digital side of the business and generate leads.

When Prudence Gowns first contacted Konstruct to re-design their existing website, they already had a basic online presence. The site was built on an off-the-shelf platform which was bloated and complicated to use, not only for the user, but for the staff as well. Updating the site was a traumatic experience and the team were frustrated and were not seeing any direct benefit of having a website online.

After an initial website audit, it was clear that there were problems. It was not very well optimised from a search engine point of view, there were no call to actions, the navigation was complicated resulting in a poor user experience, it was slow to load and it did not carry the company's branding. It did however, have a regular stream of traffic.

When planning the new website, we first identified key goals and corresponding, measurable objectives necessary to attain them. We also looked at their ideal visitor so that the new website could be tailored to instantly appeal to them and make it easy for visitors to take the next step, which, in this case, was to book an appointment. These leads were key to the development of the company and getting the people through the door was the primary objective.

Once into the design stage of the website, we first tackled the look and feel using a combination of mood boards and potential layouts. User experience was also a key part of the design process and these combined elements were discussed with the client through a number of workshops until we had a solid direction.

Above: The new Prudence Gowns website across a range of devices

We developed various aspects of bespoke functionality to make the user experience as smooth as possible, not only when using the site, but to when they arrive in store. Customers can register on the site which gives them the opportunity to add their favourite dresses to a personal collection, which, once they have booked an appointment (also directly on the website), the staff receive an email so that they can get the dresses ready for the customer to try on when they arrive in store.

A large part of the overall objectives were to look at the digital marketing and optimisation of the new site and how we could generate more traffic, increase the click through rate and in turn, convert this traffic into leads. We employed various tactics from a search engine point of view and gave the new site a complete overhaul in terms of optimisation when compared to the old website. We also worked on a strategic digital marketing campaign to help further raise the awareness of the business and generate additional traffic.

After a short period of time of the site going live, we are now starting too see the rewards for all of the hard work that went into turning the companies digital offering around. The traffic to the site has doubled while the click through rate has seen a massive 2175% increase. In turn, we have quadrupled the amount of leads that Prudence are seeing from their website.

Above: The huge increase in click through rate after the new site was launched shown by the spike on the graph

The website has given the team at Prudence Gowns the opportunity to further establish themselves as one of the leading bridal boutiques in the South West and reflects their brand and business perfectly. It gives their customers a simple but effective platform to discover their perfect wedding dress easily and has functionality which takes some of the stress out of this process.

Sonya Mckay, owner of Prudence Gowns said “Prudence Gowns were searching for a dynamic, creative, hands on web design team to create a stunning but easy to use website to reflect our growing business. Konstruct surpassed all our expectations and with their fast and very friendly service, we now have a new website that we are very proud of! Thanks again to Lee, Jan and Stefan, it is our privilege to recommend Konstruct.”

We look forward to working with Prudence Gowns further on a range of digital marketing solutions and continue to help develop the digital side of the business.

You can view the website project page here or the website can be viewed online at

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